Crystal Healing Guide

Crystal Healing has been used throughout history. Crystals can be a great source of healing power. So, what can crystals do for you? Have you ever used crystals for healing before? Would you like to try using healing crystals?

In this guide, we want to show you the basics of crystal healing and how to use it to overcome headaches, stress, tension, and pain. So stay tuned. In the end, we have a small surprise for you. Want to know more about crystals and wealth? You can read here a great article: how to manifest money with crystals.

Crystall Healing Headache Pain Tension Health Guide How To


Our entire body system is made up of energy that shows up in different patterns and densities. Our physical body is connected to our thoughts and emotions. All energy that works itself in different ways and forms. When the energy and its patterns work in a way that is balanced is when we experience good health.

Meanwhile, when there’s a disruption in the flow of this energy. We begin to experience certain health issues that may be minor (like headaches) or really serious.

Crystals, where they come in, are thought to be the most stable form of matter in the entire universe. As objects they consist of the most energy in the planet. They grow in the earth’s crust for over millions of years at high heat and pressure. Each step of the crystal formation consists of energy that then is consistent and present year after year.

Crystals are very important elements and carry very tremendous amounts of energy. How crystals form is dependent on contributing environmental factors like temperature which results in different crystal shapes, colours and forms of hardness.


Crystal Healing History

Crystals date back to ancient times, with relevant uses that show its importance across kingdoms of the old. Kings would wear crowns that had crystals laid in them at touchpoints of the head to enhance energy flow.  

Some women wore crystals in their belly button to enhance their sexuality. Necklaces that could activate the heart chakra. Rings that would stimulate energy flow from the meridians. Earrings to stimulate reflex points in the body.

All these show the uses in the times of old through different times and cultures, and crystals are still relevant today. 

In cell phones, and basically most of the technological creations in the world today use some energy from crystals in creation. Crystal has been in use since ancient history. It was believed to be a source of healing powers.

The ancient history and also culture all over the world used the crystals and also Precious stones to transfigure their spirit, physical health and also energy. Crystal healing is defined as a scientific alternative medicine that uses some precious stones.  It is claimed that crystals like opals and quartz etc. have healing powers in them, but it has not yet been scientifically proven.


Researchers over the years have revealed that the universe is made up of energy. Even the little things we see around us have energy in them like the hair on your head or even the chair we sit on. They are believed to be vibrations of energy at a very fundamental stage. Most times it may not look so but researchers have believed that healing crystals have the same energy has the cells in the human body.

Scientists have discovered how to use the energy in the crystals for different things like building some electronic components.

In modern technology, the energetic component of healing crystals and precious stones are being used. Crystal is also used for meditations. Also, pharmaceutical companies use healing crystals to make some of their medications by grinding the minerals that are found in healing crystals. The healing crystal and precious stones use energy in a similar way like the magnet do, by attracting or repelling. 

When healing crystals are placed on some part of the human body, the energy in the body begins to vibrate, stops for a moment, and even change motion in agreement with the components and energetic symbol of the crystal.

There are thousands of healing crystals in the world and there different ways to use them:

Wearing the healing crystals

Researchers have said that the crystals and stones usually repel, absorb and also able to transmit certain energy. Therefore, wearing some certain crystals will be able to help monitor and control the energy field of a human body.  It is advisable to think of the crystals you are wearing like a vitamin. It helps to nourish the body for the whole day.

Placing the healing crystal on certain parts of the body

If you are familiar with crystal healing then this will not be a problem because it is widely used by people who believe in it. This is laying a crystal or stone on that part of the body which needs the healing for a more specific application. It is a very good way to have easy access to the healing components in the crystal.


Meditate with healing crystals

The healing crystals and precious stones are most times millions of years old and because of this, they are believed to contain a lot of information. For example, the quartz crystal is believed to hold information for centuries and doesn’t degrade over the period of time. Therefore by using a crystal to meditate, it helps give life-changing insights.


Healing crystal grid

This just simply means laying out different types of specific crystals and also precious stones in a kind of predetermined pattern. These patterns are structured to be able to receive and also alter or change energy. The crystal grid is an ancient technique used for healing and it takes a lot of time to learn all the different types of grids that are used. A lot of people believe that it is worth the time used to learn it because it is a very powerful kind of practice.


Sleeping near a healing crystal

During sleep, the human body is taking over by the subconscious mind, which makes it a great time to heal the human body. Also you learn at a higher pace while sleeping. This allows the healing crystal to carry out its work.  

Sleeping can help stop any difficulty the mind can be presented in the form of fear or even doubt. It is most efficient in placing the healing crystal under the pillow or by the bedside table.


Moving the crystal around the body

Healing crystal doesn’t necessarily need to sit in a position for it to be able to carry out its work effectively. However, it is advisable to move the crystals or stones all around the body in other to get sufficient healing on the body. Also, the healing crystal wand is very effective in other to clear negativity and also negative energy from the head to the toe of the body.

Put them in the car or home

The healing crystal can also be used for protection and also against evil intentions. You can place them  in the car for protection against accidents, or in the home for protection against break-ins.


From just a little pain to a fully developed migraine, the headache has the ability to affect one’s life in a very negative way. Headaches are one of the most ignored medical problems in the world, given little or no attention in the medical line. 

Nearly half of the populations of the world complain about headaches every year. And sometimes the pain is so bad that it sends a lot of the population to the doctor’s office. 

Most times the typical medicine for headaches are Advil, aspirin or ibuprofen. Even though these medications help with the headache they are not natural pain killers. 

Headache – The Power Of Healing Stones

Crystals healing is one of the most efficient ways to cure headaches naturally. Most times the headaches are usually caused by stress or tension. They come in at odd hours like when we have a lot to do at work or at home. 

When this happens it is advisable to step away from whatever you are doing. Just lay down on a flat surface and place the healing crystal for pain relief on and also around your head.

The most powerful and efficient healing crystals for headaches is Selenite. The Selenite crystals are used for so many things but it also helps to heal headaches which are one thing that a lot of people may not think of. 

It helps to quickly unblock stagnant energy and negative energy that is not wanted. It also helps to give a free and smooth flow of positive energy in the body. 

Headaches are like energy obstructions, and Selenite helps to remove the obstruction from the body, and also all the negative energy in the body. However, Amethyst can also be used as a form of pain reliever. It helps to relieve headaches and also stress or tension and fatigue, all these are also characteristic of headaches. 

Amethyst as a healing source

Researchers have therefore believed that the amethyst stone can help to heal the human brain by helping the brain to relax, function properly and help to help the brain relieve stress.

Another crystal to consider for healing headaches is the clear quartz stones and quartz crystal points. The quartz crystal point is very powerful in the sense that it helps the body direct the negative energy. It also fights the pain caused from the headaches by releasing the negative energy through its point. 

When you experience a headache, you should sit in a quiet environment with the lights dimmed a little and put the quartz crystal point to your forehead. The flat surface should be touching your forehead and the point of directing the energy away.

In addition, Aquamarine is another stone that can help relieve stress and tension. It is a very well know throat chakra stone which carries a soothing energy that helps to take away stress and also tension. It also helps to unblock the throat chakra when prevented from speaking the truth.

Also, Lapis Lazuli is another stone that has the ability to do double healing for the head and also the neck. This particular stone helps to balance and also helps to stimulate the throat chakra and this may also help to reduce the neck pain. 

However, it is believed that the stone can also help to open the third eye chakra hereby by making it very helpful to relieve the pain from the headaches.

Furthermore, healing stones for headaches relief differ from one person to another person. It is better to experiment with different kind of healing stones in other to be to know which of the healing stones works performed well for you. 

Other crystals for healing headaches: Rose quartz, Blue lace agate, Hematite, Turquoise, Amber and Moonstone. 

Necklace Healing Crystal Energy


A lot of people in the world have experienced a kind of anxiety at different points in their lives. Anxiety happens to all ages and diverse backgrounds have known that anxiety could be crippling. 

There are different types of crystal that have been considered to help facilitate calmness and also help relieve depression in treating anxiety.


Pyrite for Motivation

Sometimes anxiety can be associated with a lack of self-confidence or even self-discipline. When you start to look for something to motivate in other to be able to achieve your goals then the crystal healing components of pyrite is the best because it also works on the third chakra. 

It is also sometimes called the solar plexus, it is the middle point of willpower and also self-esteem.


Lepidolite for the Body and Mind

This is a crystal that is best used when you are in a serious need for help. Sometimes we feel a panic attack coming this is the best crystal to use in such times, this is because it has a very large amount of lithium. Therefore it helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety physically like sweating and fatigue. Also, it works efficiently on an emotional stage by giving a vibration that helps to calm the human mind.  


Blue Lace Agate to help find your voice

The blue lace agate is a very popular healing crystal that is used to promote a sense of inner calm. The blue lace agate only works for long term use so if you plan to use it for just a short period of time then it might not be effective as you hope it will. It helps to develop confidence! This is done by helping you learn to listen to yourself and also helping you to learn to listen to your heart and mind. By doing all these it helps you to have the ability to overrule any influence from any other person. Wearing the blue lace agate on the neck is a perfect way to find inner peace. 


Rose Quartz for the inspiration of self-love

This particular pale pink stone has been associated with the heart chakra. This is because the stone is usually used to help bring out loving vibrations. That vibrations have the ability to help deal with some conflicts in romantic relationships. People believe that ones love life or even the lack of one life can develop into anxiety. Also, it is also believed that Rose quartz inspires a person to find a deeper love and also helps to appreciate yourself. When there is self-love there will always be positive energy, thoughts and behaviours which will help and also aid less stressful kind of lifestyle.


Sodalite to calm the mind

Sodalite which is often referred to as the stone of peace is said to be used to help calm the mind and also to ease panic attacks. Anytime you feel anxiety in any way it is advisable to put the sodalite in your purse or pocket. This is because it carries comforting energy that helps the human body from becoming wounded up and also becoming emotional. Also when having issues with expressing yourself sodalite are the best crystal to run. This is because it is believed to be able to stimulate self-confidence and also help with self-expression.


Kyanite for meditation

Kyanite is one of the best stones used for meditation. The kyanite stone is powder blue in colour and is said to be an excellent stone for meditation and also helps to align the body’s chakras. It has a sound spiritual vibration that helps the body to release unwanted angers, frustration and also fear. It also helps the body to be able to connect to the higher wisdom. The kyanite stone does not have the ability to retain negative energy and because of this feature, it makes the kyanite stone one of the few stones in the world that don’t need to be cleansed.


Howlite to help sleep at night

Sometimes anxiety can be associated with lack of sleep. It is considered to be one of the largest factors to feeling stressed which is also a characteristic of anxiety. When having a problem with falling asleep at night all you need to do is pick up a howlite stone. 

Put it under your pillow because it is believed that the calming energy in the howlite stone can help with lack of sleep. Especially when the lack of sleep is being caused by a mind that is overactive. Also, the howlite stone helps to teach patience, it also helps to resolve anger issues and teach wisdom. You can put it in your pocket. It will help by absorbing the feeling of anger in the mind and by doing so it will also help shield you from negative anger.


Himalayan Salt Rock for Detox

The Himalayan salt rock is considered to be a cleansing stone that helps to remove negative energy from the human body. The Himalayan salt rock is the same stone that is used to make the Himalayan salt lamp that is used to stimulate the charges from a rainstorm that is called electromagnetic. Also when the stone is used as salt it has lots of benefits. It has a lot of minerals that the human body needs and also helps to ease tensed muscles in the body. Moreover, sprinkling a little bit of these salt in a warm bath helps to release emotional stress in the body and gives a healthier sleeping routine. It helps makes your skin feel amazing.


Moonstone for fertility

If you are a stressed-out mom then the moonstone is the best stone to use for crystal healing. The moonstone is one of the best stone used for fertility, childbirth and everything that has a relationship with motherhood. It is also sometimes referred to as the stone of motherhood. 

The moonstone is creamy in colour and it is believed to have the ability to balance the hormones in the female body. It is also used to heighten one’s intuition and also to stabilize one’s emotions. 

Furthermore, if you believe to have psychic abilities then this is the best stone to help develop your abilities. You can meditate with it anytime you feel you have negative energy in you and it will give you the best results. 


Crystal Stones Guide Helaing Power Energy


One of the reasons why crystal healing is easy to practice is because, it can be practised anywhere you are, even in your sleep you can practice crystal healing.  Crystal healing can also be practised at work, on the train or even waiting for the train at the train station. 

It can also be practised in the car, as discussed earlier where you can put one of the healing crystals in the car for protection. Crystal healing can also be practised when you have a presentation or in a meeting and you feel anxious you can just put any of the crystals that help with anxiety in your pocket and it will help send all the negative energy away. 

In conclusion, crystal healing is one of the best natural practices to help give you sound health without inviting artificial drugs into the body system.


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