What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the products extracted from aromatic plants, through distillation or mechanical processes (cold pressing). The word “oil” should not be misleading. These products (also called ethereal oils) have nothing in common with normal vegetable oils.

Main benefits of essential oils

Known since ancient times for the influence they have on the various parts of our body. They have an effect on numerous diseases, as well as being effective painkillers, cicatrizing, stimulators and rebalancing, anti-inflammatories and much more. They also act on the psyche, influencing intellectual performance, memory and relaxation and promote sleep. 


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Essential Oils Guide

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Top essential oils you should have in your life


We often hear about aromatherapy and how amazing and zen essential oils are for our relaxation. Did you know that, actually, you can use essential oils to create homemade detergents, cosmetics for our daily skin care routine and remedies for many situations? Let’s find out together something more about it.

For the House

1) Multi-purpose disinfectant

To obtain a multi-purpose disinfectant simply dilute 5 drops of essential lemon oil in a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, to be poured into a spray container with 250 ml of water. This mixture is particularly suitable for disinfecting sinks and sanitary ware.


2) Multi-purpose detergent

Dissolve a tablespoon of ecological non-perfumed dish detergent in a spray container that you will have filled with 500 ml of water. Add from five to ten drops of essential oils to choose from mint, lemon and tea-tree. This detergent is suitable for cleaning floors, windows, mirrors, stoves, tiles, shower, tub, sinks and sanitary ware.


3) Softener for laundry

To obtain a really effective and perfumed laundry fabric softener, mix 500 ml of tap water with a spoonful of citric acid powder (available in pharmacies) in a container with a stopper of 500 ml. Add everything with 5 drops of lavender essential oil, plan to use 30 to 50 ml of softener for each wash, pouring it into the appropriate compartment of the washing machine.


4) Air freshener

Dilute a teaspoon of sweet orange essential oil in a spray bottle in which you have poured 500 ml of tap water. Shake every time before use and use it as needed to spread a good fragrance in the rooms of the house.


5) Anti-mold

To obtain a very effective anti-mold spray, just add 500 ml of tap water, a tablespoon of vinegar and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil in a special container, which will perform its powerful action in areas where there is mold.


6) Mothproof

To keep the moths away from the wardrobes, just place some cotton balls on their shelves, on which you will have poured some drops of essential oil of patchouli.


7) Anti-mosquitoes

To keep mosquitoes away from your rooms without resorting to drastic remedies, turn to the essential oil of eucalyptus, which works as a natural repellent. Pour 4 or 5 drops into the appropriate space of your candle burner, after having diluted them in water.


8) Perfume the laundry

To obtain a particularly pleasant fragrance, add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil directly into the washing machine drum


9) Door and window handles

To disinfect the handles of doors and windows, but also furniture and drawers, dilute a few drops of essential oil of lemon or tea tree in half a glass of white wine vinegar or apples and use this mixture rubbing on them with the help with a damp cloth.



10) Acne care

The most essential oil for acne treatment is tea tree, to be applied every evening in the amount of a single drop on the most resistant imperfections.


11) Deodorizing powder

An effective powder deodorant can be obtained by mixing five drops of lavender essential oil with four tablespoons of baking soda. It can be stored for a long time in a tin or glass container to be kept closed and applied with the help of fingers or a powder puff on feet and underarms.


12) Massage

Sunflower, corn or olive oil are the most readily available base oils for home-made massage oils. Consider using five drops of essential oils every 100 ml of base vegetable oil. Preserved in bottles of dark glass. Choose lavender essential oil for relaxing massages or mint and eucalyptus for an energizing action.


13) Foot bath

Pour two or three tablespoons of coarse salt into the water for the foot bath and add 8-10 drops of rosemary, mint or eucalyptus essential oil to relieve swelling and a sense of fatigue.


14) Bath salts

Preparing homemade bath salts is very simple. It is sufficient to count the use of ten drops of essential oil every 250 gr of coarse salt and mix the two ingredients with the help of a wooden rod. Choose lavender essential oil for a relaxing effect and sweet orange or mint for an energizing effect.


15) Hair loss

From 5 to 10 drops of rosemary essential oil can be added to the bottle of your usual shampoo or conditioner to obtain an effective stimulation of circulation in the scalp and try to stop hair loss.



16) Cold

Prepare to perform colds in a boiling pan by dissolving a tablespoon of baking soda and five drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a pan containing one liter of water.


17) Insomnia

In case of insomnia, prepare a spray containing 200 ml of water and 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake before use and spray the mixture in the bedroom and on the pillow before going to sleep.


18) Headache

Those suffering from headaches can benefit from a massage of the temples using two drops of essential oil of mint or lavender diluted in a teaspoon of corn or olive oil.


19) Premenstrual syndrome

If you feel exhaustion in the days before the cycle, dilute 3 drops of geranium essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil or corn and use it for the massage of feet, neck and shoulders.


20) Toothache

To get temporary relief from the pain waiting to go to the dentist, soak a cotton ball in a tablespoon of olive oil in which you have diluted two drops of clove essential oil. Then apply it as close as possible to the area where the tooth hurts.