Ultrasonic Diffuser – The perfect ally to diffuse natural essences

Natural essences, also known as Essential Oils, are ideal for our physical and mental health.  Thanks to instruments such as ultrasonic diffusers, you can use essential oils in various ways. Let’s discover together more about this useful tool and why it is so good for your wellness. 

What is a Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser?

The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser works cold, as a correct use of aromatherapy provides. Cold diffusion allows to preserve the properties of essential oils. It is the best way  to fully enjoy their benefits.

Oil diffusion systems that use heat risk the destruction of the active ingredients of the essential oils. Therefore it is advisable to choose a cold diffusion system. It would be a real shame to spread essential oils only to perfume the home and renounce their health support. Most plants contain active ingredients, which improve the air quality.

Yes, but how do ultrasound work?   

The ultrasonic diffuser causes water with essential oils to evaporate without overheating it.  The special ingredients of essential oils are spread into the air. 

Environmental aromatherapy significantly improves the quality of the time we spend at home or at work. It changes the way of living in everyday spaces, combining the pleasure of perfume with the benefits of essential oils.

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Why are Ultrasonic Diffusers better than other Diffusers?

An ultrasonic diffuser is a very useful tool for the diffusion of perfumes. Its operation consists in the vaporization of essential oils. You will therefore have to simply choose the essential oil you like and insert it with water into the diffuser.

An aspect that needs to be mentioned is that the diffuser is a great instrument for creating a feeling of well-being in your home. 

The  essential oils generate and spread a state of calm and serenity. Aromatherapy is a fantastic technique for balancing your mind, body and soul. Furthermore, it is a very useful natural method for relaxation.

The operation is absolutely simple!  Thanks to the presence of ultrasonic diffuser it is possible to spread the selected essential oil in a constant and continuous way, without interruptions and decreases into the air.

A not to be underestimated aspect of the ultrasonic diffusers is their strong respect for the environment. Their duration is certainly greater than that of traditional deodorants. In addition there are no gas emissions that are typical of the latter, for these reasons certainly a respect for the truly remarkable environment.

    Overview – Some Advatanges 

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser use little energy and are quiet
  • They are your best option to obtain all the special benefits of your essential oils
  • Easy to use in any situation (+remote control). They can run for hours and can shut off automatically
  • Great room coverage and capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Save for any indoor environment: No heat or fire is involved

The full power and magic of essential oils

The ultrasonic diffuser has an electrical operation that allows you to take full advantage of the essential oils used, without altering in any way the content of the oil itself (Dos & Don’ts of Essential Oils). The ultrasound technology allows you to immediately evaporate the product that will immediately be present in the air. without heating it. 

We speak of a cold evaporation which is fantastic for natural essential oils. In addition, our diffusers combines the simple well-being of the perfume with a function of a humidifier. That is, in practice, an instrument that combines business with pleasure. The humidifier can significantly lower the presence of toxic elements present in the air. Get a maximum enjoyment from your home environment!

Some studies have shown that the diffusion of some specific oils such as eucalyptus at the beginning of the winter season avoids the possibility of typical seasonal illnesses.

Get some color in your life

The best diffusers, also have colored LEDs. Thanks to the presence of colors in the home, in fact it is possible to favor positive moods and counteract the negative ones. Having supplied LEDs, the diffuser can be safely used as a night lamp. 

Best diffusers on the market, are equipped with an automatic system that automatically suspends their operation, when the liquid ends it avoids episodes of overheating and wear of the appliances.

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What to do with an Ultrasonic Diffuser and the oils

Let’s find out together what essences to use and when (What are Essential Oils?). Our sense of smell allows our body to benefit from the properties of essential oils when inhaled. Let’s take a few examples. When we return home in the evening and wish for a moment of relaxation, the essential oil of sweet orange relaxes the nervous tensions. 

If we want to purify the air and make it more sparkling, the lemon essential oil is right for us. You are busy and want to focus mentally and improve your performance? A few drops of mint essential oil awakens the logic and stimulates attention. 

And finally, if we want to create a romantic and sensual environment, we mix a few drops of sandalwood with a few drops of mandarin and we will get the perfect atmosphere for a moment of sharing and intimacy.

Who hasn’t smelled a flower at least once in our life? Think of a rose and its scent. What a nice feeling! Or again, let’s think about the moment we are at the table and the dish arrives under our noses! One of the instinctive gestures is to smell the aroma. 

Our sense of smell guides us in life and at the same time is one of the tools that Mother Nature has given us to bring us healing and benefit. Using an essence diffuser means having an ally available on many occasions.

Some great ways to use an ultrasonic diffuser

Using an essence diffuser means having an ally available on many occasions. 

  • Purifying the air of your home       
  • Spreading a good aroma     
  • Boosting your yoga and meditation practice         
  • Healing respiratory inflammation         
  • Relaxing the mind and calm the thoughts       
  • Changing the energy of your environment        

The essence diffusers are very useful, easy to use tools that contribute to improving our daily life. To be used at home, in the office, in particular places that welcome many people. So, it really doesn’t matter if you want it for your home or for your workplace. An ultrasonic diffuser is definitely the best choice to respect the essential oils properties and to make sure you can actually enjoy all its incredible benefits while recreating a unique zen feng shui inspired area with one simple tool.


Lisa Wilson is our specialist! She knows everything about essential oil diffuser, aromatherapy, meditation and much much more. Do you have further questions or need help?

Ask Lisa!

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